Saturday, December 23, 2006

Let The Feasting Begin

'Tis the season to pull out the baggy clothes, forget about your diet and enjoy the cornacopia of goodies that goes along with this holiday season. I will be partaking in not one, not two, but three Christmas feasts this year.

The first will be tomorrow with the in-laws. This has been a tradition for my daughter and I since her father's death in 2000. My brother-in-law and his wife feel it is important for my daughter to remain connected to her father's family and this is their little way to include her in their family celebration. I think it is very sweet of them. Speaking of sweet, there will be a delicious apple pie made by my sister-in-law and a pumpkin mousse lovingly prepared by moi for dessert.

My second Christmas meal will be with my significant other's mom. She has been preparing this meal for over a week and probably has the table set already. You see "mom" loves to cook and entertain so any invite to her place is a tantalizing treat for the tummy. As a bonus for attending this meal one gets to take home leftovers as there is always enough food to feed a small village when in reality there are only four people at the table.

Now the third meal is going to involve a bit of work on my part as I will be playing hostess for the Boxing Day meal. Unlike "mom" I do not make anything before the actual day of the meal. I do, however, know it will be a roast beef (or pork) dinner or Chinese food (made by me of course). My parents will be my guests and they are looking forward to a quiet day away from the grandchildren and their electronic gadgets and loud music. I'm not sure if they are coming to enjoy the food or the company of two adults - either way a good time will be had by all.

So if you are like me and have a lot of plans to enjoy good food with your family and friends remember to wear suitable clothing, forget the calories, and enjoy the season. Bon App├ętit!

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