Sunday, October 15, 2006

Working and Loving It

Just a brief post to let folks know I am teaching at the Woodlawn Tutorial Centre and enjoying it immensely. The tutorial centre is housed within the Woodlawn Learning Centre and is a unique program that offers one-on-one teaching to high school students referred there through the school district.

Students attending the centre have not found success in a regular classroom setting and need academic assistance in order to further their education. Some of the students will transition into the Woodlawn Learning Centre and others will acquire the necessary skills to be successful in a regular high school.

The students in the tutorial centre are a joy to work with. Each and every day these young men and women have made me smile and have shown me through their many successes that I can make a difference. It has been a long journey but I think I have found the place I should be at this time in my life and I am grateful for this opportunity.

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