Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July Has Melted Away

Where did July go? It is hard to believe August is here.

It seems the heat has caused my blogging juices to dry up. I feel guilty that I have not posted since Canada Day.

July was a busy month and I should have had plenty to comment on but it seems I have been in a rut and unable to bring myself to post anything. I have not given up cyberspace - I have been lurking around other blogs - but I just have not had the urge to post. Blame it on the heat, or perhaps I should say the humidity, for my lack of inspiration.

Now in order to make myself feel less guilty I will leave a list here of things I should have blogged about in July:
- My continuing search for employment and all the hoops one must jump through
- Books I have read just for the joy of reading - especially The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing
- Movies I have watched - thank you Johnny Depp for The Libertine
- News items - anti-abortion demonstrators in New Brunswick, the nightmare in Lebanon, burning crack houses and so much more
- Big Brother All-Stars - my annual guilty pleasure that I can't seem to get enough of
- Miscellaneous items that I found amusing, frustrating, or interesting - too many to remember right now but at the moment made me think it was "blog worthy"

There, I have now posted a Reader's Digest version of posts for July. Maybe now that I have put fingers to keyboard, my blogging juices will start flowing once again.

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