Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wish Your Dad A . . .

The history of the origin of Father's Day goes back to the year 1910, when Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated the first Father's Day in Spokane, Washington. It is a day that is now celebrated in most countries of the world and one that will see plenty of bad ties being given as gifts.

Father’s Day arrives with mixed emotions in my home. I wish to celebrate with my father and thank him for his years of guidance and support and then I realize my daughter has already missed out on six years of celebrating this day with her father. Of course she will be going to the cemetery and spending quiet time there, as she often does, but this special day has changed for both of us. It becomes a day that reminds me my husband did not see our daughter graduate from high school, get her first job, and turn into a beautiful independent young woman who now has a home of her own. He will not be there to walk our daughter down the aisle if she decides to marry someday or to share in the joy of becoming a grandparent.

My daughter is a strong person and makes the most of this day by embracing her grandfather’s love and support. I think she has the right idea. This special day is called “Father’s Day” and should be seen as an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all fathers and not just your own.

So in the spirit of my daughter I will send happy greetings to all fathers and hope they are surrounded by their loved ones and having a great time together.

To her the name of father was another name for love. - Fanny Fern.

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