Friday, April 14, 2006

Food For The Soul

At this time of year many people turn to two of their passions to get through this muddy, pre-blooming season - church and chocolate. I know it might not be right to compare going to church with eating chocolate but one cannot deny the similarities:
- one receives a feeling of euphoria from both
- there are many types to choose from
- some people try to deny themselves of it
- partaking of it often leads to confession
- both are closely linked to Easter

I must confess that I have been worshipping more at the altar of Hershey these days than I have at my local church. It seems at this point in my journey the church provides more questions than answers. Don't get me wrong, I still have beliefs and feel there is a spiritual presence around me at times, but I guess the enlightenment I thought I would receive from the church is missing. When I was younger I participated in all the sacraments and rituals associated with my church and felt content with the status quo but now I feel there is something missing when I repeat the same prayers and partake of the host. Maybe it is a feeling of just going through the motions. In any event, this Easter weekend I will not be surrounded by the smells of incense, lilies, and ancient hymn books but rather the tantalizing aroma of a hollow milk chocolate hen in a basket and the unmistakable scent of Hershey mini eggs.

Now I must go confess my sins to Jenny Craig.

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