Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Flapjacks and Beads

Today is Shrove Tuesday and I'm looking forward to pancakes for supper. Mom always made pancakes for us on Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes that were not always perfect (read slightly black on the edges) but delicious none the less. I think what made them so tasty was the molasses. In our house we always had Crosby's molasses on the table and it was great on pancakes. It's funny now that I have my own place I rarely use molasses on my pancakes. I guess molasses, along with many other childhood favorites, doesn't taste as special to the adult palette. Regardless, today is pancake day and I thought I would share with you some of the folk lore and traditions associated with today. Check out Wilson's almanac for plenty of tasty tidbits.

Another name for today is Fat Tuesday or as the Cajun's call it, Mardis Gras. This year New Orleans has decided to scale back on Mardis Gras celebrations due to the devastation of hurricane Katrina. Deciding to go ahead with the annual celebration is a testament of the strength and hope that is very much alive in New Orleans and the surrounding areas that are still struggling to rebuild after six months. Hopefully the people who go to Mardi Gras will take the time to look around and see there is still plenty of rebuilding to be done and they will put pressure on the government to provide much needed assistance. The people of New Orleans are proud of their heritage and they want to rebuild and Mardis Gras is just the beginning.

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Bunny picture above by Richard Scarry

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