Friday, January 27, 2006


. . . and Mozart - it seems that I share my birthday with the great composer. My family will tell you I may share his date of birth but I have none of his musical talent. I love music and have a great appreciation for it but sadly, I have no musical abilities of my own. In fact, when my daughter was a baby and I would sing a song to her, she turned into the youngest music critic in the world and would begin crying - once I stopped singing, the crying ceased.

Mozart may also have had critics in his day but he has become one of the most loved composers of all time. People are fascinated by the man and his music. His life has been put on the small screen by the BBC and Milos Forman brought him to the big screen in Amadeus. I was fortunate enough to see the play Amadeus during the Saint John Theatre Company's 1995-96 season and was blown away by the performance of Graham Percy in the title role. Mr. Percy captured the uniqueness of Mozart and played it with perfection.

The music of Mozart is heard almost everyday by people who are watching movies, listening to the radio, or even while being put on hold. It seems Mozart, like other classical greats, have become a part of our lives and traditions. In New York this summer a 40 year tradition will continue at the Lincoln Center when they present their Mostly Mozart Program.

Even though I may not be as well known as Mozart, I too will be celebrating today with my loved ones. There will be good food, good cheer and, of course, some bad singing . . . and without a doubt, cake.

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