Sunday, January 08, 2006


One of the definitions for a dream found in the Oxford English Dictionary is, "a long-held ambition or wish." Hindsight being 20-20, I now realize a university degree has been a long-held ambition of mine. Even as a teenager when I protested against the thought of going to university, deep down, I was envious of the students that were continuing their education. I secretly wanted to be involved in the process of choosing a university and deciding which classes to take. There seemed to be a purpose in their lives and they had goals. All I hoped for at the time was a job so I could have money of my own. I discovered over the years that making money is not a very satisfying goal - don't get me wrong, money makes it a lot easier but just making money is not enough.

I have a love of learning. Some may say I'm just overly curious but I am always questioning and searching for answers. Each and everyday I learn something new and I never tire of the process of discovery. The past five years have been a dream come true for me. Being a university student has allowed me to dive into learning and have it become a part of me. Even on forms and documents I am defined as a full-time student, something I have been all my life as I am constantly learning.

The learning process continues for me now but in a less structured way. I miss living by the syllabus - class times, deadlines, reading assignments, essays, tests, exams - it gives you structure and guides you through the learning process. It seems strange to me to be able to read a book for pleasure and not because it is on my reading list. Even stranger still is reading said book and not looking at it as a potential essay topic. It is hard to read a novel and not "unpack" it for discussion. Sometimes when I read a passage I want to discuss it with a group of like-minded people to see what they think of it, perhaps I will be using this forum for that purpose.

In any event, I am finally fulfilling my dream and getting a university degree but I have a funny feeling that this dream is only going to get bigger.

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