Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bring on the Rubbermaid

I had the perfect excuse for five years - I'm too busy with university. Now I have to bite the bullet and organize my books, files, papers, pictures, collectibles, cupboards, wardrobe and my life in general. Just typing the list makes me wish I had a class to run off to or a paper to write. Perhaps I will be surprised by The Clean Sweep team or the goddess of storage containers, Martha Stewart, will drop by and give me a hand. It's not that I enjoy being surrounded by teetering piles of books and photos begging to be framed or scrap booked but things always seem to prevent me from beginning the daunting task of sifting through five years of text books, novels, anthologies, magazines, and "stuff" in general. I know once I get started I will become engrossed in the project and push everything else aside - no laundry, no cooking, no dusting, no sweeping - my life will be devoted to creating an organized living environment.

Hey, wait a minute, maybe becoming organized will allow be to retain the title of The Not So Domestic Goddess. After all, a domestic goddess would never dream of putting her laundry aside or ordering take-out for supper (I have planned on doing both today). Perhaps getting organized will help prevent the extinction of dust bunnies that have found refuge under my furniture as I will be too busy sorting, labeling, shelving and storing to hunt them down. Too busy getting organized to complete the mundane tasks of everyday housework. This project is beginning to show promise.

Now, if I could only make this last until my next excuse . . . er, I mean . . . project rolls around.

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