Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

In a few short hours the Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs and various sugary treats in our homes so I thought I would share a site with you that I enjoyed looking at this weekend (warning: this site automatically plays music).

The site is divided into the following:
- Dyeing Easter Eggs--the Natural way!
- Egg Safety
- The Date of Easter
- The Cross
- The Easter Bunny
- The Easter Egg
- Hot Cross Buns (recipe that I am trying tomorrow)
There are some great Victorian Easter pics on this site that are used to divide each topic. Here is a sample (my personal favorite):

After looking through the site I realized there was no mention of the Easter bonnet so I Googled and found an interesting site, nothing to do with Easter, but one I thought worth checking out.

This site is about the community of Gurley, a small southern town in North Alabama founded by Captain Frank B. Gurley. One of things you will find on this site is an interesting collection of old photos that were found in an attic.

In a long forgotten cedar trunk found in a long forgotten Gurley attic, there rested two leather bound photo albums containing photos of early residents of Gurley. One album was a Christmas present given to a cousin named Matilda (Matilda Gurley Walker -1854-1931) from Cousin Clara (Clara McBride). It was dated December 25, 1886. The photos are of people of all ages.

Among those photos I did find a picture of two young ladies wearing their Easter finery. The caption under the photo says, "Jennie and Ola Bell in their Easter Bonnets." I found this photo interesting as there doesn't seem to be a reason for the young lady on the right to be holding a piece of paper. Perhaps she is reading over her Easter wish list, then again, she could be getting ready to go to confession as it seems as if these two fine young ladies are kneeling at an altar of some sorts. In any event, I think it is fascinating to have all these old photos displayed on the internet.

While we are on the subject of Easter bonnets, apparently all the fashionable dogs are getting into the act now.

If you are looking for Easter clipart or pics, may I suggest this site. Samples below.

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